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Crack Filters

Direct Fire Crack & Joint Sealant
It's the Ultimate Pavement "Life ExtenderTM"!

Crack-RiteTM DF is a superior quality, hot-applied crack and joint sealant which has the unique capability of being melted and heated to application temperatures in a direct fired or single walled melting kettle. It is primarily a maintenance sealant, highly recommended for sealing cracks in asphaltic pavement prior to coal tar sealing, slurry asphalt sealing, chip sealing or asphalt overlay. Crack-RiteTM DF combines tenacious adhesive power with extraordinary flexibility and resiliency to form a permanent 100% watertight seal.

Crack-RiteTM DF Features & Benefits
  • Polymer Modified - Special blend of the highest quality virgin oils, resins, polymers, plasticizers, stabilizers and asphalt cement.
  • Hi-Tech Elastomeric Compound.
  • Triangle Shaped Blocks - Reduces splash.
  • Convenient Packaging - Smaller blocks allow rapid melting and easier application ... Reduces labor costs!
  • Quick-Set ... Non-tracking, no-bleed through, traffic ready in 20 minutes.
  • Multi-Use ... Perfect for All Pavements ... asphalt to asphalt, asphalt to concrete, concrete to concrete.
  • Flexible - Ability to expand and contract through repeated cycles of freeze/thaw.
  • Super Resilient ... Provides 100% Watertight Seal.
  • Crack-RiteTM DF is the "RITE CHOICE"