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Crack Filters

HP3405 Crack & Joint Sealant
Crack-RiteTM HP3405 is a high quality, single component, hot applied crack and joint sealant. It consists of asphalt cement, and a special blend modifier system comprised of selected oils, resins, polymers, plasticizers and stabilizers.

Crack-RiteTM HP3405 is furnished as a solid and is self-leveling at application temperatures. When properly installed it combines excellent adhesive strength with the ability to remain flexible and extensible even at sub-zero temperatures.

Crack-RiteTM HP3405 protects against the infiltration of moisture and incompressibles throughout repeated thermal cycles of expansion and contraction and will not flow from the crack or joint at ambient temperature. It also demonstrates excellent low temperature ductility, weather resistance and low oxidation breakdown.


Crack-RiteTM HP3405 is recommended for sealing longitudinal, transverse, expansion, contraction and shoulder joints in Portland concrete cement and asphaltic concrete pavements. It is also recommended as a premium maintenance sealant for large volume sealing of random cracks in both Portland concrete and asphaltic concrete pavements. Crack-RiteTM HP3405 is well suited to be used in colder temperature conditions.


Crack-RiteTM HP3405 joint sealant conforms to the following:

  • ASTM D3405
  • AASHT0 M 301-851
  • Federal Specification SS-S-1401C
  • FAA Specification P605, Type III
  • Corps of Engineers CRD-C530

  • Exceeds:
  • ASTM D1190
  • Federal Specification SS-S-164
  • AASHTO M173